Kipp & Zonen Service and Calibration

All instruments from Kipp & Zonen are manufactured with the highest care and precision by the experienced staff of the company. The manufacturing process is completed with a calibration that is traceable to the world standard. All the certified instruments from Kipp & Zonen come with a two-year comprehensive warranty.

The manuals and/or instruction sheets that accompany Kipp & Zonen help users with installation. The maintenance, service and repair of all instruments are performed at ISO quality standards, and original parts are always used to ensure superior performance.

If the repair of an instrument impacts the sensitivity, the service always includes recalibration. The software of the instrument can be found on the product page or from the download center of the Kipp & Zonen website. The latest software updates are freely available online.


An instrument is not complete until its calibration is performed. It is the last step of the manufacturing process that offers the measurement response and uncertainty required for scientific research.

Kipp & Zonen owns several calibration facilities in a climate-controlled dark room. A calibration certificate is provided for each calibrated or recalibrated instrument. This certificate includes a description of the calibration procedure and is traceable to the world standard.

All albedometers and pyranometers from Kipp & Zonen are calibrated in compliance with the ISO 9847 standard. The pyrheliometers from the company are calibrated according to ISO 9059 standard.


Kipp & Zonen advises its customers to recalibrate their instruments every two years. An instrument’s sensitivity changes slightly after a two-year period in the field. Scientific research demands the highest possible accuracy. The majority of the instruments can be recalibrated several decades after they are purchased.

Discontinued Products

Kipp & Zonen’s passion for precision has resulted in the development of a wide range of high-quality instruments. This also implies that the company continuously looks for new solutions and improvements. Thus, it is inevitable to discontinue instruments from the company’s range of products.

The manuals of the company’s discontinued products are still provided in its download database. Kipp & Zonen supplies spare parts up to seven years after the last production date.

Users can find all information about the recorders in the download center. As of July 2013, all rights to the production and sales of recorders, including the BD 300, BD 11E/12E, are acquired by Van Renesse Supplies B.V.

Download and Knowledge Center

The download center of the Kipp & Zonen website offers access to all the manuals, instruction sheets, software and technical support documents. If users are unable to find the answer through the support documents, they can have a look at the knowledge center. It includes a list of theoretical explanations and FAQs.

Customer Service

If customers have a question or complaint, they can contact the company’s Customer Service department through the online system by registering their call.

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