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Whisper 100 Small-Wind Turbine

The Whisper 100 can produce up to 100 kilowatt hours a month in moderate to high winds. One of the quietest turbines ever tested by the National Renewable Energy Labs, it also has an elegantly simple design that further increases its aesthetic appeal.

In addition to its patented side-furling action, the Whisper 100 has other important features that help make it the world’s top-selling small-wind turbine in its class:

  • Four-bearing spindle for smoother operation and longer life (20 years)
  • Upgraded yaw shaft for more efficient current delivery to batteries and operation in high-wind environments
  • Bronze bushing and large-diameter furling pin for smoother action
  • Simple rewiring of alternator allows different voltages from the same turbine (12, 24, 36 or 48 VDC)

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