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Energy Ball V100 Low-Noise Turbine

This beautiful and low-noise turbine is being characterized by the six curved rotor blades which are attached to the rotor hub with both ends. When the Energy Ball® rotor turns it resembles a sphere, and as a distinct feature the wind blows parallel to the rotor hub through the rotor. This wind flow direction (flow pattern) forms a key contrast with classic sphere shaped Darrieus turbines, whereby the wind hits the blades perpendicular to the rotor shaft or rotor hub.

Due to the unusual and exceptional aerodynamics characteristics of the Energy Ball®, it creates a wind flow pattern that converges first and is then accelerated through the rotor, resembling the rapids in a river (the so-called Venturi effect). This translates into a higher aerodynamic efficiency compared to conventional wind turbine designs.

The Energy Ball® starts producing electric energy as from very low wind speeds and has therefore a very low standstill time. The unique design makes that an electricity producing Energy Ball® is virtually transparent.

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