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Libery 2.5MW Wind Turbine from Clipper

The Liberty wind turbine is variable speed with a unique, distributed powertrain, four permanent magnet generators and advanced power electronics. Simply stated, it is highly reliable and efficient wind turbine architecture, purpose-engineered for the extreme forces of multi-megawatt life. Liberty also offers an abundance of crew safety benefits, turbine health monitoring advancements for preventive maintenance, and installation economy advantages.

In the world of large-scale wind energy, reliability equates to project success. It's the unscheduled downtime that brings the highest risk with costs that can literally jeopardize a project's profitability. Clipper's patented 2.5 MW Liberty Wind Turbine moves beyond current wind technology reliability constraints to address the drivers of traditional unscheduled maintenance expense, namely downtime associated with gearbox stresses, and significant costs associated with unplanned large crane call-outs.

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