Corn Cob Media for Blast Operations

Composition Materials has been supplying Corn Cob media for over six decades for use in a wide range of operations from drying, absorbency, deflashing, polishing, deburring, log home restoration, blasting, tumbling and vibratory finishing.

In blasting operations Corn Cob media is effective in wood refinishing, log cabins and boats. Corn Cob products are compostable, biodegradable, durable and environmentally sustainable.


Source: Composition Materials






Sizes ▪ +8 ▪ 10/14 (#1) ▪ 14/20 (#2) ▪ 20/40 (#3) ▪ 40/60 ▪ - 80
Packaging ▪ Paper Bags ▪ 40 Bags / Pallet
Hardness ▪ MOH 4.5
Appearance ▪ Granular angular particles
Specific Gravity ▪ 1.0–1.2 gm/cm3



Corn Cob granules have the capacity to absorb up to three times their weight in water and are extensively used in drying operations. Also, Corn Cob granules are efficient in cleaning up oil spills.

Tumbling Operations

Corn Cob media is used in the polishing and vibratory finishing of casings and brass parts. 

Log Home Restoration

Corn cob media blasting is often chosen in log home restorations, restoring wooden panels and furniture, removing old stain, debris and watermarks in preparation for new stain and sealants. Corn cob can be collected and re-used in multiple blast cycles.

Corn Cob Blasting Log Home Restoration

Video Credit: Composition Materials

Log Home Interior Corn Cob Blasting

Video Credit: Composition Materials

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