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Cosmetic-Grade Walnut Shell

Cosmetic-Grade Walnut Shell is utilized for natural exfoliation in hand cleaners, personal care formulations, scrubs and soaps. Walnut Shell is a multipurpose natural ingredient with several cosmetic applications.

For over three decades, Composition Materials has been an industry leader in producing all-natural exfoliants such as Walnut Shell, Apricot Shell, Almond Shell, Tagua and Almond Meal. These biodegradable scrubs can be used to replace plastic microbeads.

Cosmetic-Grade Services from Composition Materials include irradiation, custom sizing and special packaging.

Walnu Shell Sieve Sizes

Source: Composition Materials







Packaging ▪ 50 lb. Bags ▪ 40 Bags per Pallet ▪ 2,000 lb. Super-Sacks
Packaging 50 lb. Bags ▪ 40 Bags / Pallet ▪ 2,000 lb. Super-Sacks ▪ Custom Packaging
Appearance Fine grains ▪ Flours ▪ Powders
Specific Gravity 1.2 - 1.4
Hardness MOH 3.5 ▪ Rockwell 91

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