LAS MkII Scintillometer by Kipp & Zonen

The LAS MkII Scintillometer is simple to operate and provides real-time data on the display. It measures air turbulence and calculates sensible heat fluxes over a range of 100 m to 4.5 km.


  • Meteorology Research
  • Meteorology Observations


Stand-Alone Operation

Moving instruments for field deployment is laborious without the addition of laptops, interface connections, or software. Without additional tools, the LAS MkII can be installed and set up using its built-in display and keypad.

Built-in Datalogger

The inbuilt digital processing unit of the LAS MkII receiver automatically calculates all necessary parameters, including Cn2 and the perceptible heat flux. Users can see real-time data on the display to quickly determine the progress of the experiment. Several months’ measurements and findings are stored in the built-in data logger.

Easy Integration

A digital interface enables complete control over the instrument's operational settings and remote real-time viewing. Additionally, analog outputs are accessible, connecting the instrument to almost any data-gathering system. This makes simple integration into both new and current measuring networks possible.

Optional Microwave Scintillometer

It is possible to combine a microwave scintillometer to add both sensible and latent heat flow.


Technical Attributes

Source: OTT HydroMet-Meteorology

Control and Display Integrated display and key-pad or remote via digital interface
Data Processing Internal processing of Cn2, sensible heat flux, and other parameters. Built-in data logger. GPS time.
Digital Outputs RS232/485
Display Yes
Interface Digital RS-232/422, analog output 0 - 2.4 V
Internet Application Software EVATION® (instrument control and data analysis suite)
Material Enclosures Aluminum, anodized
Operating Temperature Range -4 - +122 °F
Operating voltage 12 VDC
Path Length 820 ft - 2.8 mi. (0.5 ft aperture); 328 ft - 0.6 mi. (0.3 ft aperture)
Power Requirements (Voltage) 12 VDC, 6 W (54 W with heaters on)
Scintillation Bandwidth 0.1 - 400 Hz
Temperature Compensation -40 - +70 °C
Wavelength 850 nm

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