Kipp & Zonen’s Scientific Solar Monitoring System for Measurement of Global Irradiance

Kipp & Zonen offers the Scientific Solar Monitoring Station for high accuracy measurements of direct, diffuse and global irradiance according to BSRN guidelines. The heart of the system is a high accuracy fully automatic sun tracker with mountings for a range of Kipp & Zonen instruments.

Key Features

  • The scientific solar monitoring system includes the CHP 1 pyrheliometer for direct radiation and CMP 21 or CMP 22 pyranometers for diffuse and global radiation together with CGR 4 pyrgeometer for far infrared measurements.
  • The SOLYS2 and the Solys GD trackers satisfy the accuracy requirements of the BSRN guidelines.
  • Sun trackers are widely used in networks of solar monitoring stations that measure direct and global radiation, for inputs to weather forecasting and climate models.
  • Other applications include atmospheric chemistry research, pollution forecasting and materials testing.
  • With an increasing interest in renewable energy, good quality solar radiation data is becoming increasingly important - particularly the direct component with regard to photovoltaic systems and thermal energy solar collectors.
  • Activities include research and development, production quality control, determination of optimal power plant locations, monitoring the efficiency of installed systems and predicting the output under various sky conditions.

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