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SMP11 Smart Pyranometer for the Measurement of Incoming Global Solar Radiation Data

The SMP11 smart pyranometer is a combination of advanced sensor technology with industry standard digital and analogue amplified outputs. The SMP11 is based on the proven CMP 11 technology and includes an Modbus® interface, improved response time and temperature corrected measurement data. The wide and low power supply range from 5 to 30VDC makes integration in meteorological stations easy.

Key Features

The key features of the SMP11 smart pyranometer are:

  • Protection against reversed polarity, over voltage, and short circuiting.
  • Since all SMPs have the same sensitivity and connections, exchanging instruments for recalibration is easy.
  • PC Software for data logging, display of data and Modbus® address setting is provided.
  • SMP11 measures incoming global solar radiation with a 180° field of view.
  • Ideal for solar radiation measurements in both Meteorological and Solar Energy applications that require the Modbus protocol or amplified outputs.

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