High Accuracy Pyrheliometer for Measuring Solar Irradiation - CHP1 from Kipp & Zonen

The CHP 1 pyrheliometer supplied by Kipp & Zonen is the latest advancement in the field of solar radiation measurement. Based on the popular CH 1 pyrheliometer, the CHP 1 provides enhanced accuracy and reliability and conforms to the ISO and WMO performance criteria for First Class Normal Incidence Pyrheliometer.

Each CHP 1 is calibrated upon manufacture, and delivered standard with a World Radiometric Reference (WRR) traceable calibration certificate. The unit is equipped with a high quality connector for convenient installation and maintenance. The screw-in drying cartridge can be easily removed, and the replacement desiccant comes in easy refill packets.

The CHP 1 pyrheliometer is supplied with Pt-100 and 10k thermistor temperature sensors as standard and covers the total solar spectrum from 200 to 4000nm. The pyrheliometer can be utilized with any model Kipp & Zonen two-axis tracker and is suitable for high precision direct solar radiation measurements.

Key Features

The main features of the CHP 1 pyrheliometer are:

  • Fast response time
  • Improved accuracy and reliability
  • Excellent linearity
  • Excellent temperature dependence of sensitivity
  • Long-term stability of sensitivity
  • High-quality connector for easy installation and maintenance.

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