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Precision Nitrogen Trace Generator from Peak Scientific

Peak Scientific’s Precision Nitrogen Trace Generator is ideal for carrier gas and make up gas at trace detection limits. It features regenerative CMS columns that remove moisture and oxygen, as well as a catalyst chamber that removes hydrocarbons such as methane to <0.05ppm.

The Precision Nitrogen Trace Generator generates zero nitrogen on demand from compressed air and offers fast start-up time. The system is compact and stackable and requires only minimum maintenance with an annual filter change. It is suitable for GC applications.

Key Features

The main features of the Precision Nitrogen Trace Generator are:

  • Nitrogen purity: 99.9999%
  • Flow rate options: 250,600cc/min
  • Hydrocrbon content (as methane): <0.05ppm
  • Delivery pressure: 0-80psi
  • Inlet air requirements: Minimum 35 l/min at 120-145psi or Peak precision compressor
  • Electrical requirements: 110/230V, 504VA
  • Dimensions: H = 406mm, W = 380mm, D = 539.5mm

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