Wave and Tidal Power Videos

Wave and Tidal Power Videos
This video shows how the motion of the tides can be used to generate power. Tidal power is a renewable energy source.
This video shows how the motion of waves can be used to generate power. Wave power is an renewable energy source.
A clean energy simulation demonstrating how various renewable energy sources can be used to power Florida. These include ocean turbines and thermal plants for electricity generation, cold water for cooling and hydrogen plants.
The patented bi-directionally Sundermann low-head water turbine has been specifically designed to maximise operational efficiency in slow water flows to open up new viable locations for tidal and run-of-the river flows.
This video by Zero Carbon Australia discusses the plan to repower Australia with 100% Renewable Energy in order to combat climate change and safeguard Australia's environment for generations to come.
This is part 1 of a 2 part series on the theory of a reverse osmosis water purification system works. Such systems are able to remove minerals from water supplies.
Anthony Pascoe, CEO of Lend Lease Ventures tells us about their $100m investment fund that focuses on clean technology. He goes on to explain why Lend Lease is interested in this arena, in particular the areas of energy, water and building technologies and why they are investing in emerging growth companies with viable commercial technologies.
AquaGen’s SurgeDrive wave energy system overcomes the historical problems of wave energy by converting the energy above water and provides a solution that is scalable and cost competitive with other renewable energy sources.
James May shows us a tidal power generator in Ireland. One of the great things about tidal power is that, although it is totally renewable like solar power etc, it is also totally dependable.
An animation showing how giant sea snakes and waves can be used to generate electricity.
Michael Urch from Elemental Technologies tells us about their Sea Urchin Vortex Tubine for producing power using tidal currents. The Sea Urchin is the only marine turbine that is scalable from 1kW to 20MW.