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Carbon Offsets, What Carbon Offsets Are and the Use of Carbon Offsets in the Fight Against Climate Change

Throughout history the Earth’s climate has changed many times - experiencing drought, extended periods of high temperatures, and even ice ages. Since the dawn of the industrial age, the global economy has become increasingly dependent on the use of fossil fuels to power our businesses and our way of life. With our increased use of carbon-emitting fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, scientists agree that humans are having an effect on the climate.

Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets are part of a system that enables individuals and companies to positively offset their carbon emissions. With companies like BeGreen you can calculate the amount of carbon emissions you generate, take steps to reduce your emissions, then purchase carbon offsets to offset all or a portion of your remaining emissions. While you're doing your part to reduce the emissions you can control, buying carbon offsets allows you to use clean technologies like renewable energy, carbon sequestration or energy efficiency improvements to help drive reductions in carbon emissions elsewhere.

Renewable Energy

As you and others make the positive choice to support carbon offsets made from sources like renewable energy projects, your purchases help add sources like wind, solar and biomass to the national power grid. As the demand increases for these cleaner energy sources, less of our electricity comes from limited and polluting fossil fuels. In addition to the desirable environmental benefits obtained through carbon offsets and green energy, supporting the move toward greater diversity in the fuels we use creates a more balanced and sustainable energy future.

Source: BeGreen

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