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World Water Day 2021

Globally, 2.2 billion people (almost one in three people) have no access to clean, safe water. World Water Day allows us to educate and inform people about worldwide domestic and industrial water wastage. World Water Day also supports the core goal of Water and Sanitation for All by 2030. AZoCleantech supports this goal and wishes to do whatever it can to help.  

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There is a significant lack of awareness around water issues. It is not just about access to water but also about the contaminants within the water that people have access to, and how this hurts the environment and kills many people every year (CDC, 2021). The two issues that AZoCleantech wants to bring your attention to are pollution and wastewater. 

Water Pollution

Water pollution is a devastating issue for millions worldwide. It is caused by various industries and environmentally unfriendly policies regarding the usage of fertilizers and pesticides that run off into water supplies (Sustainable Agriculture, 2020). It is also caused by waste from industries with poor waste removal policies and other significant causes. This is particularly key in that wastewater could be used effectively. 


Wastewater is as simple as it sounds - it is water that has been used. It simply needs to be adequately treated, and then it can be reused. The issue relating to World Water Day is that it is not treated. It is simply dumped back into the drinking supply. 

More than 80% of wastewater goes back into the environment without any treatment (UN Water 2017).  Managed wastewater can be used effectively as a source of energy and nutrients, as well as water. Mismanaging wastewater means that the drinking water for hundreds of millions of people becomes dangerously polluted with chemicals and contaminants (WHO 2019).

Raising Awareness

AZoCleantech works to ensure that clean and renewable technology industries receive the publicity they deserve. AZoCleantech works towards that technology superseding the status quo.

We want all who read this to join in the World Water Day theme and discuss water's value. In doing this, we may be able to help increase the likelihood of access to water.

There are major consequences to ignoring the issues faced by a third of the planet’s population. By the year 2050, there could be significant areas of the planet that experience severe water scarcity for at least one month a year. This would affect 5.7 billion people (WaterAid, 2018). This is a serious consequence of global warming and pollution. 

World Water Day helps to educate companies on the effect they are having on the planet as a whole and highlight clean companies for the stellar work they are doing. These companies are showing that a more significant profit lies within creating a cleaner world.  For every dollar spent on water, there is a 5 to 28 dollar return in reducing health care costs and economic activity (Lifewater, 2021). This shows how working together and combating this deprivation is vital to creating a greater global economy and creating a cleaner world.  

World Water Day 2021|Theme |Valuing Water | #Water2me

Video Credit: Swikriti/YouTube.com

What Can You Do to Help?

You can spread the word, share our infographic, and let people know that millions of people are struggling to gain access to clean, safe water. Share your opinion on the value of water and join in the World Water Day campaign. They are working towards clean water for all by the end of this decade.

AZoCleantech is determined to educate and work with the scientific community to increase waste awareness and increase access to clean water worldwide. Together, we can save lives and create a cleaner planet. 

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