Aluminium Recycling, the Recycling of Aluminium and Tips for Recycling Aluminium

Why Should Aluminium Be Recycled
Facts About Aluminium and Aluminium Recycling
Aluminium Recycling Tips


Aluminium is made from an ore called bauxite. The bauxite is first made into alumina powder before smelting at high temperature to produce aluminium metal. The process of smelting aluminium is expensive, energy intensive and can be environmentally damaging. Recycling aluminium into new aluminium metal is far less energy intensive and not as damamging to the environment.

Aluminium is known as aluminum in some countries like the United States. The terms aluminium and aluminum can be used interchangeably.

Why Should Aluminium Be Recycled

Aluminium should be recycled because it is readily recycled, can be completely recycled and aluminium can be recycled repeatedly into high quality products without losing quality.

Facts About Aluminium and Aluminium Recycling

  • Aluminium is used to make numerous products from car parts to aluminium cans, foils and insulation.
  • Recycling aluminium has massive benefits for the environment and saving energy.
  • Making new aluminium metal from recycled aluminium only takes 4% of the energy required to make virgin aluminium from bauxite.

Other environmental savings from recycling aluminium include:

  • Aluminium is 100% recyclable
  • Energy savings made by recycling aluminium also mean less greenhouse gas emissions
  • One recycled aluminium can saves the amount of energy required to run a television for three hours
  • A aluminium in a recycled aluminium can is able to be back on the shop shelf within 60 days as a new aluminium can

Aluminium Recycling Tips

  • When recycling aluminium cans at home empty and rinse cans before sending them for recycling.
  • Don't put cans inside other cans or containers.
  • Steel aerosol cans can be recycled but, if possible, remove nozzles before sending for recycling
  • All forms of aluminium can be recycled- not just aluminium cans - aluminium cooking pots, building materials and aluminium foil are examples of other aluminium products that can be recycled.

Source: AZoCleantech

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