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Accelerating Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Development with Flexible and Connected Solutions

Electric vehicles are rising in popularity as it becomes commercially viable for consumers to adopt EV solutions, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to sustainability targets. In the UK, electric vehicle registration has increased by 139% in 2021 compared to 2020. This increase was recognized despite the accessibility and uniformity of electric vehicle charging infrastructure being a drag on wider adoption. 

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Aiming to Accelerate Electric Vehicle Ownership

Connected Kerb is the leading provider of electric vehicle residential charging solutions. The company aims to accelerate electric vehicle use by improving the access to charging infrastructure and promoting future-proof and sustainable streets for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Connected Kerb has recognized the disparity of certain communities in the United Kingdom. Those located in houses with a driveway are 80% more likely to be registered electric vehicle owners.

Communities where there is a higher density of people such as urban city centers, high-rise flats, or government council estates usually do not have access to a driveway and therefore it is difficult to install personal charging infrastructure. These communities are likely to gain the most from clean technology due to generally poorer air quality and higher levels of toxic exhaust.

Connected Kerb is helping to bridge the gap between early adopters and lower-income households that are less likely to own an electric vehicle. In comparison to fossil-fueled cars, electric vehicles are typically cheaper to run due to rebates, incentives, and lower fuel costs. Therefore, the company believes "no one should be left behind" and electric vehicles can help those in lower-income estates.

The company works closely with communities, councils, and organizations to provide convenient charging points where individuals are likely to charge their vehicles for a long period of time. Some locations included workplaces, hotels, leisure parks, and homes.

Approaching Electric Vehicle Infrastructure by Creating a Connected System

Connected Kerb’s electric vehicle charging solutions are unique in terms of connectivity and approach.

A key feature is the 5G data connectivity enabling access to various hardware and software products. The charging point includes a power and data pack buried beneath the pavement in a steel protective box.

The data pack aspect features environmental and air quality management sensors, varied payment platforms, and parking management sensors to further create a smart cities system.

The company has developed an application connecting the driver to charge points that match their vehicle and usage requirements. Drivers can book charging stations when energy prices are low either when demand for charging stations is low or the supply of solar or wind energy is high.

Specific Electric Vehicle Charging Products for Various Users

The company sells three different types of charging points, each with its own unique selling point that caters to different users. All three products are designed to be visually discrete to reduce clutter and blend into the street scene.

The Armadillo

The first product Connected Kerb introduced was the Armadillo. The unit is made from recycled vehicle tires, creating a highly durable product with a minimal impact on the environment.

The Armadillo is small and designed to sit on the curbside. The optimal location for this product is in a car park environment as it is durable enough to withstand impact.

The Gecko

The Gecko is the second product the company introduced. The design of the Gecko above ground includes a slim steel post that contains the power cables inside and the charging socket.

Like all the other designs, the power and data pack are stored underground and harbors all the valuable electronic components. The design is more specific to residential parking and can feature one or two sockets that are connected to the main charge unit.

The Limpet

The newest product on the market is the Limpet. Like the Armadillo, the wall-mounted socket is made from recycled tires and is suitable for multi-level car park environments. There are 5-10 charging points connected to a master charge unit.

Connected Kerb residential EV charging | Fully Charged PLUS

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The Slow-Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Technology

All the charge units are slow-fast chargers and can charge up to 7-22 kWh. The benefits of this type of charging system reduce the pressure on the vehicle's battery and the electric grid. The system also monitors power flow control to the vehicle from the socket.

The product is for users that are at their location for long periods of time. For example, if the user goes to work and parks at the local train station or car parking facility, they will return to a charged car.

Further Developments from Connected Kerb and the EV Industry

Connected Kerb has been recognized at the global investor summit as an organization helping to meet the goal to become a net-zero global economy by 2050. It is also continually reaching more communities with projects across the UK, including Kent County Council, Northumberland County Council, and Bedford Borough Council.

Through surveys and research, the company has discovered the need for 10,000 chargers to be installed each month by 2035. This will enable most car users to transition to electric vehicles. However, the company requires investment and critical strategic thinking. Careful and considerable planning is crucial to identify viable and convenient locations to gradually see the uptake of electric vehicles.

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