How to Solve Waste Issues in Remote Locations

Inciner8 is at the forefront of waste management and observes the effect that good waste solutions can have on small communities and businesses.

Inciner8 does not believe incinerating all waste is the best practice. It promotes and believes in recycling and reusing before ever contemplating incineration. They consider that producing and using goods that can be recycled or even reused is essential to the success of our planet.

However, some waste cannot be reused or recycled, and incineration is the only choice for a safer environment that protects its population and land.

An example of this is the oil and mining industries. Companies within these industries frequently explore new locations to conduct tests to assess if the area is of commercial interest and viable as a new site. These teams may comprise many people and a substantial quantity of equipment.

How to Solve Waste Issues in Remote Locations

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This generates significant waste that must be reused, recycled, or incinerated before leaving. Inciner8’s waste solutions overcome the latter, which is hopefully the least amount of waste from the site. This is waste that may cause health risks to humans or be harmful to the environment.

It can involve various waste types, including sanitary, medical, hazardous material, and domestic waste. Eliminating this waste protects the local environment, reduces waste spillage, and keeps employees and local communities safe.

Companies now encourage each other to leave no trace and foster a responsible business policy. This has caused substantial growth in the production of portable waste solutions.

The waste solutions of Inciner8 have been designed to be weather-resistant and highly secure. Their containerized incinerators have many benefits for businesses seeking to leave no trace, such as impressive burn rates, low running costs, and straightforward operation.

Containerized units have the advantage of being completely lockable. This allows them to be utilized as secondary storage lockers, protecting other pieces of equipment from the elements.

How Containerized Incinerators Can Save Money

Little or No Commissioning Process

Typical permanent waste solutions would generally necessitate a commissioning process. This is to ensure that the area is safe for the incinerator and can handle it from a structural perspective.

This adds time and can also, in some cases, add high costs to the overall plan. A containerized alternative eliminates most of these concerns, decreasing planning time and allowing businesses to tackle waste issues as soon as they are ready.

Reduced Installation Costs

Since the full unit is built into a container, there is practically no installation time or cost. This means that it is fast, straightforward, and easy to get up and running after location.

Installation costs can be high, but it may also be challenging logistically in remote locations. Containerized units eliminate these problems. Once commissioned, the container is unloaded, connected to a power supply, and effectively ready to go.

How to Solve Waste Issues in Remote Locations

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Transport Costs

Incinerators are sizeable equipment that may cost a substantial amount to ship. Containerized units are uniformly sized and are universally accepted ISO sizes.

As a result, they may be shipped cost-effectively compared to alternatives that may need to be broken down for shipment into multiple units. Following commission, they can be placed onto trucks and utilized as mobile incinerators, if required.

Inciner8’s waste solutions are capable of helping move towards a better future. They may only appear to be small steps, but if everyone accomplishes these simple but vital steps, future generations can thrive, and we can revert climate change to safe levels.

To find out how an incinerator could help your business achieve its waste solution goals, call Inciner8 at +44 (0) 1704 884020 or contact an expert sales advisor at [email protected], where they will be more than happy to discuss your options.

Incinerators can help make a company more ethical with its waste, save money with costly waste collection, and help manage waste more efficiently, reducing harmful waste being processed incorrectly.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Inciner8 Limited.

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