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Technology to Help the Environment - The Sensordrone

By Kris Walker

Image Credit: http://www.sensorcon.com

Recent political statements have put the environment and global warming back into the forefront of the world’s ‘cause for concern’ list.

If the issue of global warming is to be addressed and taken seriously, then the world needs to start looking at cutting edge technology that will allow the world to be made aware and to look to the potential solutions.

Sensorcon, a pure engineering company, has been around for a long time. Specializing in engineering manufacturing for military and commercial applications; Sensorcon began looking into environmental sensors and started developing innovative technology.

In 2011 the ‘Inspector’ was created (a portable toxic gas detector) and now they are looking at their next evolutionary product using mobile technology – the Sensordrone.

The ‘Sensordrone’ is a sensor-filled wireless dongle for use with a smart phone or other computer-like device. Created by Sensorcon, this device can fit into a keychain and monitor the environment.

It can be connected to smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and allows the user to run hundreds of applications to determine factors such as; carbon monoxide levels, air quality, gas leakage and many more. It is compact and made of both metal and plastic.

Image Credit: http://www.sensorcon.com

All the sensors of Sensordrone are enclosed in a unique, fully custom plastic and metal housing. It is small, light, affordable and easy to carry.

The key benefit of this device is that a single device could replace a number of single purpose instruments. For software developers, open software allows them to create new sensor applications for entertainment as well as for useful applications.

It also enables hardware developers to easily integrate new hardware products - like medical sensors - to iOS and Android devices.

Typical customers of this technology reside in academia and in the engineering industry. However, with the prospect of more apps being made available in the commercial market, the general public look set to embrace this new technology. Currently there are three apps available for download; the Sensordrone Control, virtual CO inspector alarm and the crisper humidity guide.

With global warming being a big part of our future, the Sensordrone could be a welcome technology to raise awareness and the fact that this has been incorporated into the mobile world; it could go a long way to achieving this.

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Kris Walker

Written by

Kris Walker

Kris has a BA(hons) in Media & Performance from the University of Salford. Aside from overseeing the editorial and video teams, Kris can be found in far flung corners of the world capturing the story behind the science on behalf of our clients. Outside of work, Kris is finally seeing a return on 25 years of hurt supporting Manchester City.


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