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Light Transmissive Carpets Woven With LEDs

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LEDs are semiconductor light sources which have a diverse range of applications in lighting systems, indicators and signs, as well as sensor circuits. Following the innovative addition of LEDs to ceilings and walls, Philips together with the carpet-manufacturer Desso have created the world’s first LED-lit luminous carpets.

LED Carpets

The novel LED light emitting carpets have a layer of LEDs beneath their soft top layer, which enables various types of digital information or signage to be displayed. According to Philips spokesperson, this light transmissive carpet is designed with a goal to guide people whilst they move through and interact with space. The carpets will be available in a number of colors, sizes and shapes.

As part of a trial, the carpets have already been implemented to replace "Do Not Disturb" signs in hotels. The carpets can also display guide lights during an emergency and safely direct people through buildings to an exit, which could be very useful on an airplane.

The carpets can glow soflty even when they are not displaying any messag,e thereby enhancing the atmosphere and ambience of the interior spaces of buildings. There are future plans to develop light emitting carpets for conference centers, airports, offices, hotels and other public places.

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