Renewable Energy and Energy Security - The Connection Between Renewable Energy and Energy Security

The functioning economies of the world rely on the access to cheap energy. Unfortunately, the unbalanced energy supply distribution between countries as well as the essential requirement for energy has resulted in serious vulnerabilities. Examples of threats to energy security on a local and global scale include political instability, attack on the supply infrastructure such as power plants and the competition and manipulation of energy sources.

Changing our main sources of energy such as oil and gas to renewable energies is the center of the energy security issue. Renewable energies can also reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere.

Using renewable energies can improve energy security in the electricity, heat and transportation areas.

Generation of Electricity

The introduction of power generating plants that uses a wide range of renewable energies such as solar and wind can provide more energy security by dispersing the power generation system. Renewable energy generating plants also offers the flexibility on the size and scale of the plant and they can be built or located close to where power is required. Furthermore, using renewable energies decrease the dependence on foreign imports.

Supply of Heat

An important energy security issue arises when imported gas is used to for the production of heat. By using renewable energies such as solar and geothermal to produce heat reduces the dependence on foreign imports similar to the generation of electricity and reduces the greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

Transportation Sector

The use of biofuels is being recognized as part of the answer to the growing demand and reliance on foreign oil. Transportation fuels produced from a number of biomass resources is on an increase. With the growing costs of foreign exchange spending from relatively high prices for oil and gas, biofuels can assist in reducing energy security supply risks for several reasons. Small scale and large scale production facilities can be employed to produce biofuels.

Source: AZoCleantech
Last update 20th March 2008

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