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What is Rainwater Harvesting and the Importance of Harvesting Rainwater

Rainwater - Safe and Sustainable Water Supply
Rainwater Harvesting on Dirty Roofs
Major Benefits of Using Harvested Rainwater

The most valuable natural resource is water and most people are aware of the limited supply and importance of water especially in dry continents such as Australia. Rainwater harvesting is a three step process involving the collection of rainwater from surfaces such as roofs; the storage of rainwater and the distribution of rainwater for indoor or outdoor use.

Rainwater - Safe and Sustainable Water Supply

Rainwater is an economical, safe and sustainable source of quality water when it is captured and stored in a correct manner.

Compared with water supplied through mains, rainwater can be considered to be safer since water supplied from mains is typically stored in dams and treated with chemicals to eliminate bacteria. This water is then pumped through a network of pipes which may contain contaminants such as rust.

Rainwater Harvesting on Dirty Roofs

A number of first flush devices or rain diverters are available. These devices divert or flush off the first flow of water of a storm. Any dirt, contaminants or bacteria on the roofs of buildings that has built up before the rain can be prevented from entering the storage tank.

Major Benefits of Using Harvested Rainwater

By using rainwater, a number of significant economic, social and environmental benefits can be accomplished.

By using rainwater harvesting systems to capture rainwater, the reliance on water storage dams and systems can be significantly reduced. This also places less pressure on water storage systems and can possibly lessen the need to increase the water storage infrastructure. Collecting and using harvested rainwater can also considerably decrease the size of your water bills.

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Last update 6th April 2008

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