Tradeshow Talks with Swytch

Tradeshow Talks with SwytchBooth 327

Please give an introduction to your company.

We're a new start-up company developing electric bike products and products for the light electric vehicle market. Last year we launched our Indiegogo raising almost half a million dollars. The Indiegogo is a switch electric bike conversion kit that turns any bike into an e-bike.

Why are you exhibiting at IoT Tech Expo?

We're here because we're raising investment to build our next project, which is the hybrid bicycle/e-bike sharing scheme. The idea being that around your village, town or city, there are many dock-less bicycles that can be easily converted to an e-bike and this is something that hasn't been seen before.

What are the benefits of an e-bike?

The benefits of an e-bike are for the average consumer are just, less sweat, more speed and more convenience. So we would never ask anyone to replace a bicycle journey with an e-bike journey. Really, we're trying to convince people to replace car, bus and train journeys etc, with e-bike journeys - especially for inner city commuting.

Therefore, we’re also trying to promote our system at an environmental angle. The e-bike saves 80% CO2 admissions compared to a brand new electric bike. Most of the CO2 embedded in making an e-bike is similar to a car. It's actually in all of the metal work. Now, by taking our system and adding it to one of the 1.1 billion bicycles that we already have on the planet, you can save the environment and consumers also save their bank account because it's cheaper as well than buying an electrical bike.

Who do you want to speak to at the IoT Tech Expo this week?

Mainly we're hoping to speak to investors who are looking to take advantage of the rapid growth in the light electric vehicle industry.

We're the fastest growing company in the UK in this space. We have a huge pipeline of products that are going to revolutionize the light electrical industry. We've shown how successful we can be last year - going from concept to market in under six months with the switch electric bike kit and we have a huge pipeline of new electric bike and light electric vehicle products that we want to finish developing.

Find Swytch in the Start-Up Incubator Zone in Booth 327 at the IoT Tech Expo in London this week.

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