Tradeshow Talks with Zero Carbon Project - IoT Tech 2018

Tradeshow Talks with Zero Carbon ProjectBooth 71

Can you want to introduce your project for our readers?

The Zero Carbon Project is a new initiative by a company called Beyond, and Beyond are an established energy consultancy in the UK. Our vision is to reduce carbon emissions from energy to zero within fifteen years, and we believe that through the Zero Carbon project blockchain enables us to do that.

What are you showing at the expo today?

We have launched our token sale at the Blockchain Expo and we are looking for investment in order for us to grow that business, to set it up. We are done with the marketing, we have set the market in the UK. We are setting the market in Australia by the end of this year and then we'll roll out to other European and US markets next year as well.

Who are you targeting with your project?

Ideally we want our token holders to be our consumers, and initially those token holders and those consumers are probably going to be either crypto enthusiasts or climate change enthusiasts, and maybe both. We want our token holders to be people that want to go with us on this journey. We understand that we will have to sell part of those tokens to institution investors and larger private investors, but ultimately we want the majority of our tokens. We will be releasing just over 120 million tokens through the sale, and that will be a private resale, a public resale and a public main sale. That will be over the course of the next three, four, five months, for the investment to grow our business globally.

Why are you at the Blockchain Expo today?

To tell the world all about our new project and our new initiative and to gain more supporters, climate change supporters, but we are also launching our token sale, so the owner of the project, the CEO of the project, Derek Myers, is doing an ICO pitch, where he will be introducing the token sale. Then we will start the token sale.

Find Carbon Zero Project on stand 71 at the Blockchain part of the IoT Expo 2018

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