One-stop Solution for Organic Food Waste with ExBio

Tradeshow Talks with ExBio

In this interview, AZoCleantech talks to ExBio at Contamination Expo Series about their one stop solution for food waste.

Tell us about the company and the work that you do?

ExBio offers  a one-stop solution to self-sufficiently deal with the organic food waste in-house. The machine works along the same principle as a human stomach might.

You feed it any and all food waste through the top. There are then pallets inside, which are inoculated with enzymes. It churns the food with the enzymes and  breaks down the hydrocarbons in the food into carbon and hydrogen in the presence of oxygen, making CO2 and H2O.

It eliminates the need for landfills, for storing food waste, and for relying on third parties to track food waste from A to B to avoid CO2 emissions . The machine needs electricity to operate, as well as a water inlet and outlet. Gray water then comes out. That can either go down your sewage plate or can be used as a high-quality fertilizer to irrigate plants.

What industries and applications are you trying to target with this?

Anywhere that has food waste. Be it your private homes, to catering companies, hotels, airports, prisons, anywhere that has food waste.

What sets you apart from any other  products like this in the market? What makes you different?

We are selling ex-factory, so there is no mark up on our product. There are a couple of other machines on the market like it, a lot of which  are actually produced by ExBio. With us, you are buying straight through us from the factory.



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