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IoT and Clean Technology - Joining Forces

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Transforming the global energy sector is one of the most pressing issues for governments worldwide, and it is also becoming a growing concern for people from all walks of life. The problem is that we have two contradictory needs existing in unison.

First, we rely on a mammoth amount of reliable energy to power our world. Secondly, as a population we are becoming ever more conscious of our impact on the earth, and due to this we have a growing motivation to prevent damage to our environment and to protect our longevity on our planet.

Use of Renewable Energy

Use of renewable energy is on the rise as a result of this, and governments around the world are under pressure to meet goals and expectations. Clean energy provides the key to meeting these goals, and to satisfying our two contradictory needs, but we are currently not using it to its full potential. Fortunately, a burst in development of the Internet of Things (IoT) is opening the door to a simple and low-cost way to adopt clean technology across multiple industries.

Relatively cheap sensors are now available to collect environmental data which can then be analyzed, and with the help of machine learning accurate predictions can be made which can reliably manage entire systems. Streamlined and efficient, these systems can reduce the unnecessary use of non-renewable energy and can manage the functionality of entire renewable energy systems. This not only comes at a low cost to cleantech companies, but the partnership of the IoT and clean technology provides a feasible solution to earth-damaging non-renewable energy use. In this way, the IoT is making a fully autonomous and clean energy process entirely possible.

Currently, we are seen as being on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, which is being defined by the growth in the use of renewable energy. This development is being catalyzed by developments in technologies such as the Internet of Things, as well as the complementary technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This era, much like the first industrial revolution, will be marked by the reciprocal nature of development, with the technology boosting enablement of use, and enablement leading to further development. As a result, the IoT and the use of renewable energy will grow in harmony.

Use of Big Data

In terms of transforming the energy sector at a global level, the IoT is being leveraged in order to collect and analyze data from a diverse set of sources in all industries. This use of big data will have a huge impact on the energy sector, as it will allow for monitoring and predictions of factors influencing renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy. Further to this, the concept of smart cities is rapidly transforming from concept to reality. The key to this actualization is due to the IoT making clean energy a potential reliable source of power to all components of the smart city. The ability to analyze data in real-time allows the use of renewable energy to be planned for and used efficiently and reliably. Industries and enterprises can then expect uninterrupted power from these clean energy sources.

IoT and Clean Energy Facilitate the Use of Renewable Energy

The partnership of the IoT and clean energy is also facilitating the use of renewable energy in the developing world. Recently, an innovation in clean energy sources for the home, the BBOXX, was introduced into third world communities in Africa. The use of the BBOXX hinges on the fact that IoT supports the databases and data analysis platforms that are necessary for the system to convert light energy into usable power.

The development of clean energy alongside the IoT is also resulting in a more informed consumer. IoT tech is giving people the choice to power their own homes with clean energy, and data collection and monitoring devices managed by the IoT are making people more knowledgeable about the nature of their energy consumption. The result is that the consumer is more informed and ultimately more concerned about energy consumption, and becomes more likely to seek clean sources. A perfect example of the fourth revolution both being facilitated by and facilitating clean energy.


The fourth industrial revolution is already beginning, and will by its nature be defined by the simultaneous growth of clean energy and the IoT. This revolution will shape the future of the energy sector and will resolve our current imbalance between needing a reliable energy source, while wanting to future-proof our earth.

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