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QIC BioStream for Efficient Gas Analysis

QIC BioStream is a bioreactor off gas analyzer that is an integrated mass spectrometer and selector value system, exclusively developed for the exit gas analysis of bioprocesses.

This gas analysis system from Hiden Analytical has been specifically designed for the constant analysis of gases and vapors from several fermentation reactors with multi off gas and multi reactor dissolved gas species analysis capability.

A high-performance Proteus multi-stream valve provided with 20, 40 or 80 inlet streams is added with programmable sequence control software available for the analysis of multiple reactors. Streams can be assigned for either off gas analysis or dissolved species analysis.


The system features Hiden’s advanced “Proteus” Multi-stream selector valve coupled with an accurate, super-stable triple filter mass analyzer. Quick data acquisition and low internal dead volume enable switching times of below 10 seconds for every stream.

QGA Professional quantitative gas analysis software from Hiden features automatic calibration routines for accurate quantitative analysis. Gas or vapor mass spectral libraries and automatic subtraction of spectral overlaps enable accurate fragmentation pattern recording.

Real Time Gas Analysis from Hiden Analytical

Image Credit: Hiden Analytical


  • Strong, flexible and heated QIC direct inlet <500 ms response to gases or vapors
  • Hiden 3F ultra-stable mass spectrometer 
  • Proteus 20, 40 or 80-way multi-port switching options
  • Rapid port switching
  • Low flow configuration - from 4 ml/min
  • High flow configuration - to 10 L/min Quantitative gas analysis of up to 32 species dissolved species analysis
  • OPC Server technology - for process contro
  • OUR - Oxygen Uptake Rate
  • CER - CO2 Evolution Rate
  • RQ - Respiratory Quotient


  • Fermentation process analysis
  • Synthetic process analysis
  • Biogas production monitoring
  • Spatially resolved MS
  • Mammalian cell culture analysis
  • Reaction profile studies

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