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HPR-40 DEMS for Dissolved Gas Analysis

The Hiden HPR-40 DEMS is a benchtop or mobile cart-mounted electrochemistry module for dissolved species analysis. The system is versatile and modular. Two differential electrochemical mass spectrometry (DEMS) cell inlets are included in the system; cell type A for material/catalysis investigations and cell type B for electrochemical reaction studies.


DEMS (Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry) is a mass spectrometry-based analytical approach that combines electrochemical half-cell experiments with mass spectrometry. It provides real-time mass resolution measurement of gaseous or volatile electrochemical reactants, intermediates and products.

Hiden Analytical offers a variety of DEMS cells that connect to the Hiden HPR-40 DSA Mass Spectrometer through an electrolyte/nanoporous sampling interface.

Several standard intake choices are offered for situations where online electrochemical MS, OEMS, from an existing cell or reactor is required, enabling both evolved off-gas and dissolved species analysis solutions. Electrochemical cells from Redoxme AB and EL-Cell® are among those that can be interfaced with the Hiden HPR-40 DEMS system.


  • Up to 4 additional electrodes can be connected
  • Dissolved species analysis with a mass range of 200 amu (300 amu option)
  • Can be interfaced to the Hiden HPR-40 DSA mass spectrometer 
  • A working electrode made of vitreous carbon that may be coated by the user
  • A nanoporous membrane that can be replaced

Application of DEMS

  • Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction
  • Oxygen Reduction Reaction
  • CO2 Reduction
  • Methanol/Formic Acid Oxidation
  • Ethanol Oxidation
  • Ammonia/Hydrazine Oxidation
  • Cathode Effects
  • Battery Cycling
  • Electrolyte Reactions in Batteries
  • Other Fuel Cells (Borohydride, DMFC)
  • Mechanistic Investigations on Methanol Oxidation 
  • Electrochemical Oxidation of Organics in (Waste-) Water Treatment
  • Electrochemical Oxidation of CO

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