Dr Rachel Dodds

Associate Professor

Ted Rogers School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Ryerson University

Ryerson University, 350 Victoria Street
M5B 2K3
PH: 1 (416) 8257228
Email: [email protected]


A dynamic, self starter with over 20 years international experience across a wide spectrum of the tourism industry. Rachel has worked with hotels, large and small tour operators, ecotourism planners, sustainable tourism management and marketing projects, international development banks, landscape and park planning firms, governments, NGO's, marketing organizations and hospitality and tourism attractions.

Rachel is currently the Director of Sustaining Tourism - a boutique consulting firm. She is also an Associate Professor at Ryerson University in Canada where she joined the Ted Rogers School of Tourism & Hospitality Management in 2006.

Having been trained to look at many different aspects of tourism, Rachel knows that sustainability means long term planning and management and that experience and understanding of diverse cultures and environments is a fundamental part of tourism. She has furthered this understanding through both her personal and work travels. She has now has traveled extensively to 6 continents and over 75 countries.

Rachel has two specialties within the tourism industry:

  • Sustainable/responsible/ecotourism consulting - strategy, development, environmental management, research, business planning and marketing and communications. She has undertaken a range of tourism development and marketing consulting assignments both alone and in cooperation with other companies.
  • Communication, marketing and public relations implementation. Her experience includes non-profit organizations, tour companies, ecolodges and entrepreneurs.

Major Publications

  • Dodds, R. & Holmes, M. (2011) Sustainability in Canadian B &B’S: Comparing the East vs. West International Journal of Tourism Research Vol 13 (5) pp. 482-495
  • Dodds, R. (2010) Destination marketing organizations and climate change: the need for leadership and education. Sustainability Vol. 2, pp. 3449-3464.
  • Dodds, R. & Kuehnel, J. (2010) CSR among Canadian mass tour operators: good awareness but little action. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management Vol. 22 (2) pp. 221-224
  • Graci, S.R. & Dodds, R. (2010) Sustainable Tourism in Islands. Earthscan Press, ISBN 9781844077809
  • Dodds, R. & Graci, S. (2009) Canada’s tourism industry – mitigating the effects of climate change: A lot of concern but little action. Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Planning and Development. Vol. 6 (1) pp. 39-53

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