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LP 20 Boilers Available from Nordica Extraflame

Nordica Extraflame provides a range of boilers, pellet stoves, fireplaces and pellet inserts. The major boilers from the company include the LP 20, TP 30, TC 30 and LP 14.

The LP 20 pellet burning boiler can be used for large scale pellet burning applications. However, the space required for its installation is minimal. Some of the features of this boiler include advanced programming electronics, a self cleaning brazier and an expansion tank.

LP 20 Boiler

The dimensions of the LP 20 pellet burning boiler from Nordica Extraflame are 525mm x 1368mm x 941mm (L x H x P). The maximum thermal output of this model is 4422 kW/hr, while it has a central heating water volume of 32 liters. The efficiency of this boiler has been estimated to be about 92 per cent with a working pressure of 2.5 bar. The outlet fumes pipe measures 120mm, while the air intake pipe has a dimension of 60mm.

The pellet tank of the LP 20 boiler from Nordica Extraflame has a capacity of 70 kilograms. Other major components of the boiler include plumbing attachment flanges, removable ashtray, cast iron burner cone and a water circulation pump. The tank for the plumbing circuit has a capacity of about six liters.


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