TSW3224W Off-Grid True Sine Wave Solar Inverters from Apollo Solar

Apollo Solar provides off-grid true sine wave inverters. The TSW3224W off-grid true sine wave inverter incorporates battery charger, DC to AC true sine wave inverter and AC transfer switch. It supplies 3200W output at 24V and is suitable for commercial and residential off-grid systems ranging from 2kW to 12kW.

TSW3224W Off-Grid True Sine Wave Inverter

The TSW3224W off-grid true sine wave inverter has 120/240VAC split-phase output and input operation. It requires no external transformers for step-down, step-up or balancing. The output provides 12V for standard circuits and 240V for appliances, well pumps or shop tools. The 200% surge power capacity is available for intermittent loads without disrupting the sensitive computer loads. This true sine wave inverter from Apollo Solar is equipped with an optional network communications such as Ethernet to local computers and remote internet monitoring. It incorporates a two-line LCD to display major parameters. The TSW3224W off-grid inverter can be wired in parallel to supply added output current.

The off-grid true sine wave inverter offered by Apollo Solar is equipped with 4-stage charging algorithm, namely bulk, float, absorb and equalize to increase the storage capacity and battery life. The continuous power rating of the TSW3224W inverter is 3200VA. The rated input current of the battery is 148A and the nominal input voltage of the DC battery is 24V DC. This inverter is enclosed with powder coated steel and weighs 49lbs.

Source: http://www.apollosolar.com

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