FVG 36-125 Monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module from FVG Energy

FVG Energy offers the FVG 36-125 Monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module. This module incorporates 36 monocrystalline silicon cells measuring 125 x 125 mm. The cells utilized in this module are kept between an EVA sheet and a high-transmissivity low-iron tempered glass measuring 4 mm and laminated. The manufacturing process of this module ensures protection against all adverse weather conditions. The aluminum frame utilized in the module is sturdy and allows prolonged outdoor usage.

FVG 36-125 Monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module

The length x breadth x width measurement of the FVG 36-125 Monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module provided by FVG Energy is 1197 mm x 535 mm x 35 mm and weighs 9.2 kg.  The FVG 90M – MC model available under the FVG 36 – 125 type has a module efficiency of 14.20%, cell efficiency of 17.00%, a peak power of 90 W, a maximum power voltage of 18.50 V, a maximum power current of 4.86 A, an open circuit voltage of 22.30 V, a short circuit current of 5.37 A and a power tolerance of ±5%.

The FVG 36-125 module provided by FVG Energy has a junction box with cables and water proof connectors. This junction box is provided with a cable length of 90 cm, line 3 type connectors and two bypass diodes. This photovoltaic module meets the requirements of EC61215 and has safety class II certification.

Source: http://www.fvgenergy.com

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