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15-50 Wind Turbine Generator from AOC

AOC offers the 15/50 Wind Turbine Generator. This wind turbine incorporates a 15 m diameter fiberglass rotor with a rated output of 50 kW. This wind turbine model is offered in 50 Hz and 60 Hz versions.

The blades utilized in this turbine are made of epoxy-fiberglass composite and measures 7.5 m. The airfoils utilized in this turbine are thick and confirms to NREL specifications. The AOC 15/50 wind turbine perfectly suits the grid-connected requirements of large industrial and commercial applications.

15/50 Wind Turbine Generator

The 15/50 wind turbine generator provided by AOC is downwind type. This wind turbine does not possess an active yaw control and tracks the wind direction by utilizing its blades. This rotor deployed in this wind turbine is of hub fixed pitch type, measures 15 m in length and covers an area of 177 m². The 15/50 model incorporates a 3 phase/4 pole asynchronous generator with a rated frequency of 60 Hz and 1800 rpm. This generator uses a class F type of insulation and TEAO enclosure. The three legged, self supporting tower of this wind turbine is made of galvanized steel and measures 24.4 m. The tower is erected either on concrete or on a special anchor bolt type foundation. The PLC based control system utilized in this wind turbine monitors the wind speed, generator shaft speed, line interconnection and brake deployment.

The AOC15/50 wind turbine achieves the maximum 50 kW output at 11.3 m/s, the cut-in wind speed of this wind turbine is 4.6 m/s, its cut-out wind speed 22.4 m/s and its peak survival speed is 59.5 m/s. The annual calculated output at 5.4 m/s is 87000 kWh and at 8.0 m/s is 215000 kWh.


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