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Decoflame Fireplace Model World from Genersys Ireland

Genersys Ireland offers the Decoflame Fireplace Model World. This free-standing bioethanol stove model incorporates wheels for easy movement of the fireplace to the required location. The unique type of burner utilized in the model allows easy adjustment of the flame intensity to suit the requirement of the user.

This fireplace model is available in steel and stainless steel with powder-coated, brushed or polished finishes and tempered glass sheets are provided on both the sides of the burner.

Decoflame Fireplace Model World

The Decoflame fireplace model World provided by the Genersys Ireland has a burner chamber measuring 38 cm in height and 110 cm in breadth and its fire place measures 71 cm in height and 91 cm in breadth. This fire place weighs 60 kg. The heat efficiency of this Decoflame World fireplace is 3.6–7.2 kW. The burner utilized in this fireplace model has a fuel volume of 4 l.

The World model fire place provided by the Genersys Ireland utilizes bioethanol as fuel.
This fireplace stove is designed to burn for 4–8 h when the full tank volume of 4 l is filled. The burning duration of this fire place changes on considering the flame intensity and flow of air.


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