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Janfire Integral Pellet Boiler from Janfire

Janfire offers the Janfire Integral pellet boiler with an incorporated self-cleaning burner unit. This burner unit incorporates a large 120 L ash storage that does not require cleaning for a longer duration. The hot water capacity of this boiler is 150 L.

Janfire Integral Pellet Boiler

The smoke exhaust for this boiler is provided either at the top or at the rear. For the heat transferring action this boiler incorporates upright pipes. The electronic operating thermostat installed in the boiler for heat regulating can be set up to 15º. The flue gas thermometer installed in the pellet boiler has a digital display and a regulator to manage waterless conditions.

The burner incorporated in the pellet boiler provided by Janfire has a 230 V 50 Hz 40 W power supply. This burner incorporates a self cleaning burner unit with a 40 W motor drive, a 14 W internal metering motor and a 7 W speed-controlled combustion blower. The maximum heat output capability of this boiler is 20 kW. The touch screen display utilized in this boiler can be conveniently adjusted for summer and winter requirements.

This pellet boiler provides horizontal type of flame. The burner pan provided in the pellet boiler is made of heat-resistant stainless steel. For easy removal of ash this pellet burner incorporates quick-release locks.


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