Nation's First Vehicular-Based Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative

Enviance, the leading provider of Internet-based, on-demand systems for the management, automation and reporting of environmental compliance information, today announced that it has combined its Enviance System with vehicle diagnostic and telemetric capabilities to power the nation's first vehicular-based greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction initiative. The program, called Driving Change(TM), allows drivers in the City and County of Denver to proactively track driving behaviors that increase vehicular GHG emissions, such as idling, speeding, and fast starts and stops.

Each participant in the program has secure access to an Internet site, where their driving behavior is analyzed to show the individual driving behaviors that contribute to GHG emissions and how the individual driver compares with fellow program participants. By providing drivers with real-time information on how their daily driving habits affect the environment, Driving Change and Enviance have offered cities, municipalities, organizations and companies a unique, new way to reliably measure and begin to manage carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the principle GHG generated from personal vehicles, corporate and trucking fleets.

"Autos and vehicle fleets are a major contributor to greenhouse gases and global warming and driving change is a results-oriented effort aimed at controlling those emissions," said William K. Reilly, former Administrator of EPA and Environmental Committee Chair for the DuPont Board of Directors. "Mayor Hickenlooper has to be commended for committing Denver to take a leading part in meeting the number one environmental threat to the planet."

Relied upon as the tracking and reporting GHG system of record by some of the largest companies in the world, including American Electric Power, and deployed in 45 countries around the world, the Internet-based Enviance System provides a compliance workflow management system that automates data capture and analysis, task management and reporting. Companies like AEP use the Enviance System to streamline the acquisition of GHG data and to automate compliance management, including activities focused on retaining GHG emissions within target limits.

To create the Driving Change system, the GHG data tracking and compliance management capabilities of Enviance were extended to automobile emissions through the use of accelometric and telemetric technology provided by Enviance's partner, Cartasite, Inc. Using the Cartasite technology, information pertaining to individual driving behaviors is wirelessly transmitted to the Enviance System where it is analyzed to produce personalized graphical reports on vehicle-generated CO2 emissions.

Since 1993 the City and County of Denver has been widely recognized as a pioneer of "green" initiatives designed to address growing global environmental concerns such as CO2 emissions. The City, for example, has implemented a Green Fleet Policy, where 144 hybrid public vehicles are in use. Denver also utilizes alternative fuels and operates more than 800 units on B20 biodiesel.

"Driving Change represents a very proud extension of the Enviance System to mobile greenhouse gas, a very vexing problem. Having succeeded in leveraging the Internet to cost-effectively automate and improve compliance activities for industry leaders such as AEP and DuPont, we are excited to bring this proven Internet-based management solution to the vehicular CO2 problem and provide citizens with the power to help save the planet," said Lawrence E. Goldenhersh, president and CEO of Enviance. "With Driving Change, Enviance continues to put innovation in the hands of industry and government and now expands beyond, by providing powerful vehicular greenhouse gas tracking and management to ordinary citizens like you and me."

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