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MWT 1000A Wind Power Generator from Mitsubishi Power Systems

Mitsubishi Power Systems offers MWT 1000A wind power generator. This wind power generator has an improved design and thoroughly checked for etching in surface for ruling out defects in machined gears and wheels. The blades incorporated in this wind turbine have individual blade pitch control for streamlined load and the incorporated smart yaw technology reduces the pressure during extreme wind load conditions.

This wind turbine is offered in hub heights of 55, 60 and 69 m. The rotor incorporated in this model has three blades made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material. The diameter of the rotor is 61.4 m; it provides a swept area of 2960 m² and offers a rotational speed of 19.8 rpm.

MWT 1000A Wind Power Generator

The MWT 1000A wind turbine incorporates a three stage (1 planetary and 2 parallel) gear box with a gear ratio of 1:92/1:76 at 60 and 50 Hz. The four pole type induction generator incorporated in the wind turbine offers a voltage of 600 V / 690 V at a rated frequency of 60 Hz / 50 Hz. The rated speed of this generator at 60 Hz is 1800 rpm and at 50 Hz it is 1500 rpm. A soft starter is provided for grid connection.

The MWT 1000A wind power generator from Mitsubishi Power Systems has a blade feathering aerodynamic brake and a high speed shaft as mechanical brake. This wind turbine is manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factory.

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