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Long Lasting, Energy Saving LED Lights Can Be Found in a Variety of Styles

We've likely all experienced the bothersome inconvenience of having to change a light bulb located in a hard-to-reach place. Maybe a lofty porch light burns out, or a chandelier bulb dies. These can be difficult to get to, and many times they are lights that are left on for many hours throughout the day, so they burn out frequently. Luckily, Best Home LED Lighting provides a solution in the form of LED light bulbs. This growing technology offers benefits and advantages over standard bulbs in almost every possible category.

The most widely recognized attributes that make LED lights superior are their low energy intake and their incredibly long lifespan. Between these two factors alone, it is almost inconceivable why anyone would continue using standard incandescent bulbs. LEDs consume one-fifth the energy while lasting 30 times longer! The savings in monthly energy costs and additional bulb purchases pays for the initial cost very quickly. A bulb that used to burn out every 6 months will now last 15 years; therefore, a homeowner may only end up changing these bulbs once during the entire tenure in the house.

The list of advantages goes on, encompassing safety, features and environmental benefits. Because these lights consume such little energy, they also give off very little heat, thus reducing the risk of injury or fire. The units themselves are very sturdy and will not break when dropped or jostled, which reduces the cost and danger associated with fragile glass bulbs. LED lights also offer many advantages with regard to color options, allowing for nearly every shade in the visible spectrum and infrared and ultraviolet rays as well. According to recent studies, about 30% of all energy consumption, more than any other category, goes toward lighting. This statistic could be greatly reduced if our society made a change to LED lighting, allowing for more energy to be used for other purposes, and a need for fewer energy plants. In addition, unlike fluorescent bulbs, they produce no mercury that must be recycled.

Clearly, the benefits of LED technology are far reaching and trump nearly every possible statistic when compared to other lighting sources. Shoppers at Best Home LED Lighting can read more statistics and view a wide variety of models, from floodlights to track lights and colored bulbs to decorative fixtures. The site offers added savings to its customers by providing free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Whether motivated by energy concerns, bulb life, safety issues or environmental conservation, customers will be pleased with the results from this budding technology.

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