Solar Flat Tile from Lumeta

Lumeta offers the Solar Flat Tile for use in flat tile roof systems. This solar tile can be easily integrated with any conventional clay or concrete flat roof tiles and blends with the roofing. Each solar flat tile incorporates a solar laminate consisting monocrystalline cells and EVA and TPT film to cover the solar cells.

Solar Flat Tile

The Lumeta solar flat tiles are offered in normally used clay or concrete tile colors. Each solar flat tile is offered in a size that can conveniently replace three conventionally used concrete or clay roofing tiles. The solar flat tiles are manufactured to meet the custom designs and sizes of the commonly used clay or concrete tiles.

The electrical characteristics of the solar flat tiles include a peak power of 28 Wp, a maximum power point voltage of 5.9 V, a maximum power point current of 4.9 A, an open circuit voltage of 7.4 V, and a short circuit current of 5.2 A. Each square cell of this module measures 125 mm x 125 mm. Each module contains 12 such cells. The length x width x height measurements of the Solar Flat Tile offered by Lumeta is 432 mm x 905 mm x 35 mm. The tiles can be conveniently installed in roof slopes with 14° or more slopes.

The electrical connections of this module are safely hidden in channels in the bottom side of the tiles. The tiles are daisy-chain connected utilizing standard connectors for quick and easy connectivity with limited number of penetrations per solar array.

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