Envision Series Geothermal Products from Thermal Associates

Thermal Associates offers Envision series geothermal products manufactured by WaterFurnace. The Envision series geothermal products incorporate a single speed or dual capacity Copeland Scroll compressors.

The design of the dual capacity compressors allows the units to operate in low degree during low level heat days and switch over to full capacity during days of intense cold temperatures for improved heat comfort and energy savings. The compressors are mounted over double isolation plates for noiseless working. The duel capacity models include 026, 038, 049, 064 and 072. Under closed loop conditions the 072 model offers a high (cooling) EER of 16.5 and a (heating) COP of 3.8 and a low EER of 23.1 and a COP of 4.2. Under open loop conditions a high (cooling) EER of 21.6 and a (heating) COP of 4.5 and a low EER of 27.6 and COP of 4.6.

Envision Series Geothermal Product

The ECM blower motor incorporated in the dual compressor modules offer a choice of 12 airflow selections for improved heat comfort and efficiency. The single speed modules incorporate a PSC blower motor. The cabinet of the Envision series geothermal units are complete with a hard wearing silver metallic finish for lasting usage and protection. The units incorporate easy to clean foil backed insulation for noise free quite operation. The air coil used in the units is coated with patented FormiShield to resist corrosion and to increase the service life of the units. The large-sized air coil helps in the prevention of moisture formation and improves the cooling efficiency. The corrosion-free plastic drain pan utilized in the geothermal units prevents condensate flooding and growth of bacteria. The Envision series geothermal products offered by Thermal Associates include a unique ‘hot water assist’ feature that utilizes the energy produced by the existing hot water in the unit to make cool water when required.

The Envision geothermal units incorporate microprocessor assist controls, onboard diagnostics and externally mounted LED status lights for comfortable operation and easy trouble shooting of problems. The geothermal units are ARI certified, ETL listed and ENERGY STAR rated and utilize R-410A ozone protecting and eco friendly refrigerant in the unit.

Source: http://www.thermalassociates.com

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