PS600 BADU Top12 Solar Operated Centrifugal Surface Pump from Florida Solar Pump

Florida Solar Pump offers the PS600 BADU Top12 solar operated centrifugal surface pump manufactured by Lorentz. This brushless DC motor pump is maintenance free and offers a flow rate up to 15 m³/h and lifts water up to a maximum height of 14 m. This mono block type of pump incorporates a strainer tank with 3L capacity. The mesh covering the strainer tank approximately measures 3.2 mm x 2.6 mm.

PS600 BADU Top12 Solar Operated Centrifugal Surface Pump

The pump cover and the strainer basket of this pump are made of Polypropylene (PP). The flange, diffuser and gland housing are made of PP TV 40. The impeller of this pump is made of PA 66 GF 30/PC and the cover is made of clear polycarbonate (PC). The bolts utilized in this pump are made of galvanized steel and the mechanical seat is made of carbon /ceramic/NBR. The controller incorporated in the pump controls the pump system and monitors the operating status of other connected features. The surface mounted controller incorporates two control inputs to monitor the water level, float or pressure switch and a remote control. The pump stopped from dry run condition is automatically reset to on condition after 20 min. The PS600 BADU pump is protected against reverse polarity, high temperature and over load. For the purpose of efficient harvesting of solar energy and use an MPPT integrated solar panel is connected to the pump.

The dimension of the PS600 BADU Top12 solar operated centrifugal surface pump offered by the Florida Solar Pump is 395 mm × 175 mm × 165 mm and weighs 4.5 kg. The nominal voltage range of the motor is 48 to 72 V DC and its maximum open circuit voltage is 150 VDC. This solar pump incorporates IP X4 type of enclosure and class F insulation.

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