SunPower 305 Solar Panel from Clean Energy USA

Clean Energy USA offers the SunPower 305 solar panel. This solar panel incorporates 96 all-back contact solar cells and offers a total panel conversion efficiency of 18.7%.

The reduced voltage temperature coefficient of this model combined with low light performance results in increased peak power watt output. The increased output per panel results in reduction of number of panels used thus allowing savings on investment costs. The SunPower 305 solar panel offered by Clean Energy USA has a robust design.

SunPower 305 Solar Panel

The solar panel is securely placed inside a toughened front glass measuring 4.00 mm in thickness and a strong 6063 type of aluminum anodized frame weighing 24 kg. The IP-65 junction box used in this module comes with three bypass diodes. This solar panel offers a peak power of 305 W, a voltage of 54.7, a current of 5.58 A, an open circuit voltage of 64.2 V, a short circuit current of 5.96 A, and a maximum system voltage of 600 V.

The SunPower 305 solar panel operates in temperature ranging from –40 to +85°C, and withstands a maximum load of 50 psf.  The hail impact resistance of this solar panel is 25 mm at 23 m/s speed. This panel is safety tested; UL listed and meets class C fire rating.


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