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e400i Small Wind Turbine from Kestrel Wind Turbines

Kestrel Wind Turbines offers the e400i model small wind turbine. This 3000 W wind turbine incorporates a rotor 4 m in diameter. The full aerofoil type of blades incorporated in the wind turbine is made of molded fibre glass and safeguarded from dust and moisture. The maximum power of 3300 W is achieved at 12 m/s wind speed and this wind turbine produces an optimum power of 3000 W at 11 m/s wind speed.

Kestrel e400i Small Wind Turbine

The rotor blades of this wind turbine start producing minimum power at wind speeds measuring 2.8 m/s. This wind turbine incorporates a permanent magnet and brushless type of generator. The axial flux alternator incorporated in the generator reduces the heat loss during the generation of heat energy in the form of high frequency output. For protection against over speed the e400i small wind turbine from Kestrel Wind Turbines incorporates pitch control. The maximum output voltage of this wind turbine is 48 W at 200 and 300 VDC.

This small wind turbine is used for battery charging, grid connected, water pumping and hybrid type of applications. The e400i wind turbine meets the IEC standards and directives.


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