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Bosca Soul 700 Free Standing Pellet Stove from Bosca Chile S.A

Bosca Chile S.A offers the Bosca Soul 700 free standing pellet stove. This pellet stove has a semicircular front design with a large viewing window at the front and two smaller windows at the sides.

The viewing glasses used in the windows are made of high temperature ceramic glass and as a standard decorative fire brick back is offered. This pellet stove incorporates a large pellet hopper to hold up to 80 lbs of fuel and offers a maximum burning time of 80 hours.

Bosca Soul 700 Free Standing Pellet Stove

With a burn rate of 1–6 lbs pellet fuel per hour the Bosca Soul 700 pellet stove offers a minimum heat output of 8200 BTU and a maximum heat output of 47,000 BTU. This pellet stove comes with an easy–to-use ash removal system and a large sized ash tray that does not require frequent cleaning. This pellet stove comes with a self ignition features and a with five heat settings. The 160 CFM two speed convection blower motor installed in the pellet stove can adjust the blower volume according the set pellet feed rate and has a high volume override switch. The installed air wash system keeps the viewing glasses clean.

The Bosca Soul 700 free standing pellet stove manufactured by Bosca Chile S.A has a burning efficiency of 80% and its 2.5 g/h emission rate is EPA approved. The height x width x depth measurements of this stove is 34.6 in. x 26.8 in. x 30.2 in. and weighs 366 lbs.


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