SCHOTT ASI 100 Thin Film Technology PV Module from SCHOTT Solar

SCHOTT Solar offers the SCHOTT ASI 100 thin film technology photovoltaic module. The ASI 100 module is safely kept inside a UV radiation resistant and extreme weather conditions withstanding encapsulation.

This thin film module incorporates 56 amorphous silicon solar cells and efficiently generates energy in adverse conditions such as low level solar light, poor module ventilation, excessive heat, and non standard roof orientations.

SCHOTT ASI 100 Thin Film Technology PV Module

This module features an increased reversed current resistance to reduce the spending on wiring costs. The front panel of this module incorporates thermally treated float glass measuring 4.00 mm in thickness and the back side panel utilizes a black colored foil back surface and installed in a black color aluminum frame and presents an aesthetic look. For the purpose of easy connection and installation this module incorporates an IP65 junction box measuring 138 mm x 90 mm x 22 mm with a single bypass diode and an IP67 Tyco connector. The SCHOTT ASI 100 module has a breadth x length x thickness dimension of 1108 mm x 1308 mm x 50 mm and weighs 18 kg.

Under normal operating conditions with an operating temperature of 49ºC the SCHOTT ASI 100 module manufactured by SCHOTT Solar offers a nominal power of 79 W, a voltage at nominal power as 17.3 V, an open circuit voltage of 23.5 V, and a short circuit current of 5.43 A. This PV module meets the guidelines, protection and certification requirements.


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