TSW4048 TrueSineWave Inverter and Charger from AEE Solar

AEE Solar offers the TSW4048 TrueSineWave inverter and charger manufactured by Apollo Solar. The TSW4048 is kept in a compact modular housing and includes a true sine wave inverter, a battery charger and an AC transfer switch.

This inverter delivers 120 and 240 V split phase AC power at 60Hz and offers an output of 240 V for running a pump motor or other type of appliances while it continues to deliver 120 V output for standard circuits. This inverter can accept input for a general power supply line or a 240 V AC generator. The output can be connected to a solitary 240 VAC output or a lone120 VAC output at double the current rate.

TSW4048 TrueSineWave Inverter

More than 200% of the graded TSW power is used for short period surges to perform hard tasks such as starting a HP motor without actually cutting off the sensitive power supply to the computers. For increased power output the TSW4048 TrueSineWave inverter and charger offered by AEE Solar can be parallel wired. A high current battery charging circuit incorporated in the inverter is used for regular correction of power factor for efficient usage of electrical energy delivered by the generator or the grid line input. For maximizing the battery life and storage capability this inverter incorporates a four-stage charging algorithm.

The measurement of the TSW4048 is 22.5 in. x 9 in. x 7.25 in. and weighs 49 lbs. The continuous power watts of this unit is 3600 W, its battery voltage is 48 VDC, AC output ratings is 120V/240V 60Hz, no load draw is 35 W, charger amps is 70 A, peak AC surge is 7200 W. The two line LCD monitor incorporated in the inverter offers details about the amount of energy used, level of battery charge and performance of the system. The TSW4048 inverter is UL and CSA certified.

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