Wireless Beacon Crosswalk Light from Silicon Constellations

Silicon Constellations offers the Wireless Beacon crosswalk light. The Wireless Beacon is solar powered, incorporates high luminance LED lighting know how and operates wirelessly. The amber color LED lights incorporated in the Beacon offers brightness up to 400,000 Cd/m². The weave length of this amber light is 590 nm and has a daylight visibility up to 500 ft.

The solar powered crosswalk light is fit for use at lighted crosswalks in main roads. The beacon lights normally operate in pairs in front of the cross walks on each approach sides. The design of the beacon allows its operations up to 1000 feet from the wireless signal position. The availability of solar panel power supply and wireless control makes this Wireless Beacon crosswalk light offered by Silicon Constellations an independent operating unit.

Wireless LED Flashing Beacon

The blinking rate of this beacon can be easily synchronized with the in pavement LumiStar lighting markers. This flashing beacon can also be installed without the active LumiStar lighting markers by incorporating a triggering mechanism at the crosswalk to send remote control signals to the remote beacon to commence its operations. This beacon operates using 12 V solar power. At standby mode this beacon consumes up to 0.5 ma power and when the LEDs operate actively the consumptions goes up to 2500 mA. The wireless RF frequency of this beacon ranges from 2400 to 2524 MHz. For effective RF performance this beacon utilizes GFSK type of modulation and its data rate speed is 250 kbps.

This beacon is housed in a UV stabilized durable polycarbonate module and mounted over a 1-1/2 in. pipe.  The above the road level height of the beacon is 0.625 in. and its diameter is 6.00 in. This beacon can function continuously for 14 days with a fully charged battery backup. The construction of the beacon allows its operations in -20 to +60ºC temperature ranges.

Source: http://www.silicon-constellations.com

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