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BioOil a Renewable Liquid Fuel from Dynamotive

Dynamotive offers the BioOil, a renewable liquid fuel. The BioOil is made from environment friendly biomass cellulosic materials such as sawdust and bagasse from sugarcane by utilizing a patented speedy pyrolysis (heating) process. This BioOil is not made from food crops such as feedstock. This oil can be easily used for most of the heat and power generation processes.

BioOil a Renewable Liquid Fuel

This oil is considered as an efficient alternative for the currently utilized light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil or natural gas in industrial and commercial segments. The BioOil manufactured by Dynamotive can be effectively utilized in industrial applications by making alterations to the fuel nozzles and handling systems. Other industrial applications of the BioOil include industrial kilns, commercial heating systems and industrial energy systems. This oil can be utilized for generating power and can efficiently replace the currently used fossil fuels and gas. Successive field testes over the efficiency of BioOil proved that this oil generates enough heating to match the performance of natural gas.

This biomass oil can effectively replace the currently used fuel products in boilers with cost effective modifications. The BioOil is eco friendly and is certified as clean fuel to earn carbon credits.


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