Mobile Experts: Solar and Wind Energy are Ideal Investment for Mobile Telecom

A new report introduced by Mobile Experts forecasts an increase in the usage of renewable energy by mobile operators. Mobile Experts’ Principal Analyst Joe Madden commented that wind turbines and solar panels are an ideal investment for remote mobile base stations.

The changes in the return on investment (ROI) expectations are likely to create changes in the sector, shifting more than 150,000 base station facilities from diesel generators to renewable energy resources over the coming ten years.

Joe added that the shift in this sector will commence this year. The Indian government is providing incentives to increase the installation of solar panels over the coming six months.

The new report covers current ROI models that detail the ideal scenarios for solar and wind power today; in-depth analysis of the present installed base of poor-grid, on-grid and off-grid telecom sites; future ROI models that estimate the break-even period for solar and wind power plant facilities installed through 2020; quantitative forecasts for solar panels and wind panels in the market of mobile telecommunications through the year 2020; and information on the inhibitors and market drivers of the alternative energy.


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