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AR 7500W Small Wind Turbine from Vaigunth Ener Tek

Vaigunth Ener Tek offers the AR 7500W small wind turbine. This battery charger wind turbine incorporates a fixed pitch 7.5 m diameter rotor and offers a swept area of 44.2 m². This upwind type of rotor incorporates three blades and each blade measures 3.2 m and weighs 40 kg.

The blades of the rotor are made of glass fiber and use NACA 23015 modified type of airfoil. The rotor rotates at 150 rpm speed during the optimum power production. This wind turbine incorporates a brushless type of AC generator. The single phase generator included in the wind turbine offers 240/110 V voltage at 50 Hz frequency and produces 7500 W with 1500 rpm.

The planetary gear transmission installed in the wind turbine has 1:10 ratio between rotors to generator speed and utilize oil lubrication. For managing the high velocity wind speeds this wind turbine incorporates two way yaw system and manage the speed either by rotating the tail vane to 360 degrees or by utilizing the yaw bearing mounted on tower top. The tower for the wind turbine is available in 18 m and 20 m heights with gay and wire or lattice options. The control system incorporated in the model is PLC based and gets inputs from the generator rpm and voltage and outputs to a grid tied rectifier.

The AR 7500W small wind turbine offered by Vaigunth Ener Tek achieves the maximum output of 7500 W at 9.75 m/s wind speed. This wind turbine starts its operations at 3.5 m/s wind speed and closes down with the wind speed exceeds 23 m/s. This wind turbine can survive a maximum wind speed of 60 m/s. The AR 7500W small wind turbine produces an annual output of 23,000 kWh at an average wind speed of 4.5 m/s.


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