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Gamesa G90 2.0 MW Wind Turbine from Gamesa

Gamesa offers the Gamesa G90 2.0 MW wind turbine. This class IIIA/WZII wind turbine is suitable for use in low wind locations and offers increased output.

The rotor of this wind turbine measures 90 m diameter and offers a swept area of 6362 m². The clockwise rotating rotor offers a rotational speed in the range of 9 to 19 rpm. The approximate weight of the rotor is 36 T and its top head mass weighs 106 T. The G90-2.0 MW wind turbine incorporate three blades made of pre impregnated epoxy glass fiber plus carbon fiber and each blade measures 44 m in length and weighs 5800 kg.

Gamesa G90 2.0 MW Wind Turbine

The mechanical design of this wind turbine allows transmission of side loads directly to the frame by using a bearing house thus forbidding the gearbox from getting additional loads and reduce the chances of its malfunctioning. The Gamesa G90-2.0 MW wind turbine from Gamesa incorporates an aerodynamic primary brake by turning the blades parallel to the air flow and a hydraulically excited mechanical disc brake for emergency. To prevent damages due to lightening this wind turbine features a total lightening protection to conduct the lightening from the tips to a grounding system efficiently.

The doubly fed generator installed in this wind turbine offers 2.0 MW power and a voltage of 690 VAC in the frequency range of 50–60 Hz. The IP54 protected generator comes with four poles and offers 1680 rpm at 50 Hz frequency and 2016 rpm at 60 Hz frequency. The graded stator current of this generator is 1500 A at 690 V. The gear box incorporated in the turbine has a single planetary stage and two parallel stages and utilizes an oil pump with oil cooler for cooling during the operations. This wind turbine incorporates a patented Gamesa WindNet for realtime operation and remote control operation and a Gamesa NRS noise control system that allows programming of noise control criteria and reduces noise.


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